Moby Dick House of Kabob Gift Card

Moby Dick House of Kabob Gift Card
Housemade marinated kabobs, grilled to order. Appetizers and desserts all made from scratch in our corporate kitchens in Maryland. Fresh Pita Bread made at our stores in clay ovens. Vegetarian dishes that will leave you speechless. The combination of all of this will leave your taste buds tingling and wanting more, guaranteed! Use Moby Dick House of Kabob Gift Cards to celebrate with friends and family in the Washington, DC – Baltimore area, where some 25 Moby Dick locations wait to serve you. The fine Persian cuisine features slow-braised stews and flame-grilled meats, with seasonings and marinades made in-house, served with their signature whole pita bread baked in traditional clay ovens. All your favorites are here, including scratch-made hummus, perfectly seasoned falafel, Kubideh Kabob with Moby Dick seasoning and honey-sweet baklava. Also try the Salmon Kabob or Moby Dick’s Signature Joojeh Kabob as a platter or sandwich. Moby Dick House of Kabob Gift Cards make wonderful personal and business gifts anytime.
Use of this card indicates your acceptance of all terms and conditions. You may use this card only at participating Moby Dick House of Kabob locations. This card cannot be redeemed for cash, or used for merchandise or online purchases at this time. No Expiration Date or service fees. Protect this card like cash.
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