About GiftCardLab

Founded in 2004, GiftCardLab.com, a division of CardLab, Inc., stemmed from the idea that a gift card could be as unique as the individual receiving it. CardLab applied the increasing popularity of giving cash as gifts with the ability to choose from numerous designs and introduced the first design-your-own Visa Gift Card in 2007.

In 2014, CardLab, Inc. was acquired by Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc., which operates GiftCardMall.com and over 180,000 popular in-store retail gift card destinations worldwide.

As of 2019, we are sorry to say that, GiftCardLab.com will no longer accept new orders. After bringing many unique gift card experiences to our customers, we have decided to consolidate our websites and encourage you to design and order custom Visa Gift Cards at GiftCardMall.com.

Current customers can continue to log in, access prior order information, review FAQs and contact customer service for any support needs.

We look forward to serving you on GiftCardMall.com.