Firehouse Subs Gift Card

Firehouse Subs Gift Card


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OUR MISSION - To carry on our commitment to and passion for hearty and flavorful food, heartfelt service, and public safety. Give Firehouse Subs Gift Cards to friends and relatives who like the real deal when it comes to legendary firehouse food created by real firefighters. Brothers Chris and Robin Sorensen are former firemen who come from a long line of first responders. Their inspiration came from the hearty and flavorful food served in firehouses, and they turned their passion into a company that now has more than 900 locations. They steam their premium meats and cheeses to release their full flavors, and then serve them on toasted rolls made from their own secret recipes. Go for the famous Hook & Ladder® Sub or a variety of sandwiches with less than 500 calories. Firehouse Subs Gift Cards make great gifts anytime.

Terms & Conditions

To obtain the card balance, visit Or call 1-800-803-1222 and enter the card number. This card may only be used for purchases at Firehouse Subs® locations in the 50 United States. This card has no value until activated by a participating Firehouse Subs® location or by a retailer selling Firehouse Subs® gift cards. Upon any purchase using the card, the amount available on the card will be reduced by the amount of such purchase, including any relevant taxes or delivery charges. The card is not redeemable for cash and lost, damaged or stolen cards will not be replaced except as required by law. The card amount cannot be used to purchase other gift cards or non-Firehouse Subs® products. This card has no expiration date and is not subject to service or dormancy charges. Void where prohibited by law.

Redemption Instructions

Present the gift card for payment like any payment card.
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