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Provide the largest selection of gift cards on the planet while WOWing our customers with exceptional service.  


Founded in 2004, stemmed from the idea that a gift card could be as unique as the individual receiving it. CardLab applied the increasing popularity of giving cash as gifts with the ability to choose from numerous designs and introduced the first design-your-own Visa Gift Card in 2007. From seasonal holidays, weddings and birthdays to graduations, vacations and retirements, has a card design that will fit any occasion.

Today, is committed to providing the largest selection of gift cards available on the planet while emphasizing superior customer service.  Our A Better Business Bureau rating is validation that we exceed public standards while maintaining the integrity of our brand. 

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*Buying gift cards in a store is becoming an increasingly risky proposition.  Thieves have learned that they can walk into a store, write down gift card numbers and create a fraudulent clone of the card.  By continually checking for a balance on the card,  they can find out when the card has been purchased and activated, allowing them to use the fraudulent card, drawing the balance on the original card down to zero.  When the legitimate cardholder tries to use the card, it is declined and shows a zero balance.  Buying your gift card online mitigates this problem.

Our Products is one of the largest online stores solely focused on gift cards with hundreds of brands* and thousands of designs. is a one-stop shop offering popular retail gift cards, Visa Gift Cards and e-Gift cards.

For corporate clients, we offer, a program specifically designed to support businesses with their corporate prepaid needs, including marketing promotions, employee rewards, sales incentives and customer loyalty. is a division of CardLab, Inc., a leading provider of prepaid card programs. is located at
16550 Westgrove
Suite 500
Addison, TX 75001

You can call us at 214-618-7050
or toll free 1-844-363-8928

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