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Neat $119 Gift Card

Neat $119 Gift Card
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"Neat’s cloud service securely backs up your Smart Organization System, instantly syncs your Neat files across devices and lets you share files & folders. Give a friend or business associate a Neat Gift Card to get organized in the most convenient way imaginable. Neat enables you to scan paper receipts, expense reports and other documents with a smart phone camera and access them as digital cloud data from home, office or on the road. Your data is absolutely safe, with bank-level security protecting it 24-7, and you never have to worry about paper files again. Neat can simply anyone’s life and reduce desktop clutter the moment you start using it. Anytime is a good time to give Neat Gift Cards.

Redemption Instructions

To redeem your card, simply log onto and follow the instructions. Cards can only be redeemed online.

Terms and Conditions

Redemption of the 12-month subscription offer constitutes your acceptance of Neat's cloud service terms and conditions as contained herein and at Rights to the service do not accrue until redemption. The service term begins upon redemption of this 12-month subscription offer, which must be done within 12 months of purchase, or it is subject to forfeiture. This 12-month subscription offer is valid only for the Neat’s cloud service and is not refundable or redeemable for cash, except as required by law. Issued by the Neat Company. THIS 12-month subscription offer IS PART OF A BUNDLE, HAS NO INDEPENDENT VALUE AND MAY NOT BE SOLD SEPARATELY. The service PIN contained herein will not be replaced by The Neat Company or the retailer if it is lost, stolen or destroyed."


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