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Al's Beef Gift Card

Al's Beef Gift Card
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Al's Italian Beef started selling the first Italian Beef Sandwich in 1938. Our Menu offers many classic Chicago Style food items and is expanding across the country with new locations.If a Chicagoan lost his wallet it wouldn’t have an Al's Beef Gift Card in it. He’s more likely to keep that in a hidden pocket over his heart. That’s how much people here think of these classic sandwiches that are culinary ambassadors for the city. In 1938 Al Ferrari, along with his sister and brother-in-law, sold sandwiches made of thinly sliced beef, cooked slowly in its own juices with secret spices and seasonings, served on an Italian roll. Al’s Beef started as a neighborhood food stand in Chicago’s Little Italy and expanded throughout the Greater Chicago area, and now into new markets in California, Nevada and Texas. You don’t have to be from Chicago to love Al's Beef Gift Cards.

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Use of this card indicates your acceptance to all terms and conditions. You may use this card only at participating merchant locations of the merchant issuing this card. Not valid at our legacy location at Taylor Street. Cannot be used for purchases of gift certificates, gift cards or prepaid cards. This card will not be replaced if lost or stolen, has no cash redemption value and is nonrefundable. No expiration dates or service fees. Protect this card like cash and has no value until activated by Cashier. Visit for card and balance inquiry information.


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