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Uncle Julio's is committed to providing the freshest and highest-quality mesquite grilled specialties and Regional Mexican Food. For fine Tex-Mex dining give Uncle Julios eGift Cards. Uncle Julio’s is a cut above the rest because they carefully follow the recipes and cooking methods of borderland cowboys of the 19th century. The cowboys cooked on open flame fires of mesquite wood, a plentiful scrub tree. Mesquite isn’t much use for building, but for cooking it imparts a rich smoky flavor to the beef, chicken, pork and seafood Uncle Julio’s serves in the best cowboy tradition. Uncle Julio’s combines Mexican cooking artistry with fresh Texas ingredients to serve Tex-Mex so good you’ll never want to get it anyplace else. Give Uncle Julios eGift Cards for any occasion.

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In store only.

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Redeemable for merchandise and services only. Treat this card like cash, lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced. Card cannot be redeemed for cash, except required by law. Card can be redeemed at any Uncle Julio's in the US. If purchase exceeds the unused balance of the Card, you must pay the excess at the time of purchase. For card and balance call 855-711-9032 or visit www.unclejulios.com