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Book reservations at 78,000+ chain and independent hotel locations worldwide with no expiration or blackout dates. Travelers love eGift Cards, whether they leave home once a year or once a week. With this gift card they have access to nearly 80,000 international chain and independent hotels and the ability to make online reservations and hold rooms with proceeds available in the gift card. You may not know what hotel a friend or business associate may want to select, and they may not realize how many choices they have. That’s the beauty of an eGift Card – you set things in motion and they make the decisions. The options are nearly endless, and it couldn’t be easier, which is why is the world’s leading hotel gift voucher choice.

Redemption Instructions

Visit Simply search online for the hotel you require on the dates you want. Once you have found a hotel you are happy to book, simply select book to confirm the hotel. Insert your details and ensure that on the confirmation page you insert your gift reference in the space where it says INSERT GIFT CODE this then reduces the cost of your stay as per the amount on your gift. Simply follow the payment process paying for any additional costs with any major credit card.

Terms and Conditions

This Gift Card is redeemable for hotel reservations online at This Gift Card is non-refundable, does not expire and has no fees. is not responsible for, and will not replace, lost, stolen, or damaged Gift Cards. For balance inquiries, information about the terms of the Gift Card, and hotel locations, go to or email: is a division of HotelStayUK Leisure Limited. This Gift Card is issued by HotelStayUK Leisure Limited Block B, Hemel Business Centre, Westside, London Road, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead, Hertforshire, HP3 9TD.


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