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Graeter's eGift Card
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Graeter's famous French Pot ice ceam is simply the best ice cream that you'll ever taste! Graeter's is handcrafted in small 2½ gallon batches. Graeter's eGift Cards are good as gold for any ice cream lover. This is the REAL thing: super-premium, hand-crafted ice cream so rich and thick they have to make it in 2.5 gallon batches and hand pack every container. That amounts to about 20,000 pints every day, in dozens of gourmet flavors. Graeter’s has been a Cincinnati institution since 1870, but now there are more than 40 locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and in Chicago and Las Vegas – plus, they ship throughout the USA, so now people everywhere can enjoy what one critic called “the BEST ice cream you'll ever eat, anywhere in the world.” For ice cream lovers, there simply is no better gift than Graeter’s eGift Cards to use in stores or online.

Redemption Instructions

Redeemable at any Graeter's ice cream store or online at

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Gift cards can be used, loaded and reused at any Graeter’s store. Gift cards are also redeemable online at The value of GIft Cards will not be replaced or otherwise credited if lost, stolen, destroyed, altered or used without your permission, so please treat Gift Cards like cash. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash except where required by law. Gift cards have no expiration date. Use of Gift cards means you accept these terms and conditions provided above. Not valid at grocery stores, theme parks, zoos, or other venues not owned and operated by Graeter’s. Check your card balance at


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