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The image resolution must be a minimum of 400 x 400 pixels. Images at or near the minimum resolution may appear grainy or blurry after printing. The higher the resolution, the better the final product will appear. Ideally, the uploaded image would be 2100 x 1344 pixels and would be a PNG file with RGB color profile. Please ensure your uploaded image has acceptable color/tone balance, contrast and brightness as printed images may vary from the uploaded content.

If you are using a company logo or other copyright material please use our Corporate site to design your image. We can only accept personal images on reviews each image submitted. While we accept most images, the following restrictions apply:
  • All submissions must be original. No copyrighted material of third parties. 
  • No URLs, addresses, phone numbers, account or PIN numbers.
  • No names or depictions of public figures, public officials, celebrities, actors, cartoons, or computer game figures. 
  • No obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, or violent text or images. 
  • No religious, bigoted, racist, or overtly political statements or images. 
  • No text or images that show alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms, or anti-social behavior.
  • No foreign languages unless an English translation is provided.
  • No libelous, derogatory, or defamatory content.
  • No numbers, text, or images that might induce misunderstanding
  • No content that instigates anti-government behavior or sentiment, nor content that is in violation of any rules, regulations, or laws.
  • No text or images that might result in card acceptance confusion by merchants including but not limited to the depiction of money or dollar value/symbols.

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