2012 Holiday Spending Report

The 2012 GiftCard.com Holiday Gift Card Spending Report is the first annual report on holiday gift card spending sponsored by GiftCard.com. The report delivers data and insights related to consumer spending on gift cards during the 2012 holiday season. The results encompass data collected from surveys completed by consumers as well as gift card spending data collected from actual consumers on the GiftCard.com site. The combination of completed surveys and data from real consumer behaviors has led to robust facts and figures on holiday gift card spending trends throughout the 2012 holiday season and beyond.

Through a consumer-facing survey and consumer behavior tracking on the GiftCard.com website, the GiftCard.com Holiday Gift Card Spending Report uncovered significant trends in holiday gift card preferences and planned spending. 

Highlights from the report include:
  • 49.6% (nearly 50%) of consumers plan to purchase at least one gift card this holiday season.    
  • 38.5% of survey respondents rank gift cards as their favorite or usually favorite gift to receive.    
  • 72.4% of survey respondents sometimes, almost always or always plan their gift card purchases.    
  • The average amount spent on a single gift card, regardless of gender, income, location in the U.S. and age, is $26.40.
Download the full 2012 Holiday Gift Card Spending Report.

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